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8 Objectives of Quality Monitoring

Posted by Jim Iyoob | 09/29/2016

Your quality program for customer service is the main way your company directly interacts with customers, and that makes it a key component in your strategies to retain customers and to convert first time purchasers into repeat business. This puts a lot of stress on the program, especially if your organization has any questions about the role of quality monitoring. Ensuring that your employees understand your quality monitoring objectives and the overall impact that they have on the company means getting better responses to feedback and...

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Three Critical Things to Know While Leading a New Team

Posted by Dilip Barot | 09/28/2016

Good leaders are never completely satisfied. They are always reaching for higher levels of excellence, and this requires a combination of self-awareness and personal growth. Leadership can be particularly challenging when you’re transitioning to a leadership position with a new team. What are some critical things you need to know if you’re going to be successful?

Always Aim for Transparency

One expert on leadership takes clients and leaders through a process called Leadership Point of...

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How to Integrate Quality Assurance and Coaching for Success

Posted by Kaylene Eckels | 09/23/2016

We all know the importance of offering exceptional customer service and the countless benefits that result from doing that. Quality assurance is at the core of ensuring that your customers receive quality services. In order to fully equip customer-facing employees, coaching programs must be comprehensive. How you train your staff determines the effectiveness of the quality assurance program. The seamless integration of quality assurance and coaching processes is critical to producing sustainable success.

Are Perceptions of Power Important to Understand?

Posted by Matt Rocco | 09/21/2016

In any leadership dynamic, there is a dominant impression that is made between the leader and those who report to that leader, either directly or indirectly. A leader can sometimes be a force that appears to be larger than life and frankly, intimidating. The question every leader should be asking is, “Are perceptions of power important to understand?” The answer to this question is a resounding yes, and should be heavily considered in a leader’s vision for a company.

At any given moment, a workplace has five...

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5 Things You Can Do to Become a Great Leader in the Contact Center

Posted by Jim Iyoob | 09/20/2016

Great leaders aren’t born that way, and most dedicate their lives to learning, applying and mastering leadership skills. When it comes to being a leader in the contact center, don’t be discouraged if authority doesn’t come naturally to you. With a little training, hard work and perseverance, you have the capacity to become a respected part of your contact center leadership. Here are five things you can do to start transforming yourself into a leader.

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