Social Media: The Gateway to your Customer

by Amit Kachhawa 9. September 2013 14:56

Social Media is turning out to be a game changer for many companies that provide customer service through various communication channels. E-retailers can efficiently use social media to improve customer service and satisfaction because online consumers are turning towards social media as a primary communication channel to get in contact with them. No matter how large or small an E-Commerce company is, social media is needed to have an efficient customer service mechanism that caters to the needs of consumers, but also helps to build a strong and loyal customer base.

Social media is a potent medium
Social media has allowed consumers to ‘vent’ their anger, express their opinions, and voice any thoughts about positive or negative customer experiences. Any negative customer experiences can immediately go viral on social media sites, which can then affect customer relationships. However, social media does allow E-retailers to rapidly reply to customer inquiries and enable them to meet and exceed the expectations of their online consumers that are active on social media sites.

Platform to showcase competence
Social media provides a very dynamic platform for online consumers to convey their complaints and grievances to companies directly. This allows businesses to show their competence and perfectly leverage opportunities and utilize social media to showcase their company. The act of effectively engaging consumers on social media will help to build stronger customer satisfaction and trust of the company.

Fast and easy
Social media customer service provides a fast and easy way to cater the needs and requirements of online consumers. By using Social media customer service, it can help E-commerce companies save time and money because they can resolve customer related issues in real time to avoid wasting time.

Higher customer satisfaction
The most important thing for any E-retailer is to provide superior customer service and satisfaction on their website. When customers receive a reply from a company within a short time of their inquiry, it greatly increases customer satisfaction. E-retailers are then able to create a strong and loyal customer base by continuously updating consumers about new products, discounts, promotions, or issues by sharing it on social media sites.

Satisfied customers will then turn into brand advocates on social media sites by bringing in new business opportunities. With such loyalty in a customer base, companies can look forward to creating a positive brand image.

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