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    An effective quality monitoring program and service needs to have a structured approach towards designing the solution. Some of the key steps that we follow are as follows.

    Needs Assessment
    A Project Manager dedicated to your account evaluates your requirements, your specific needs, documents your requirements creating a Project Design Plan.
    Create Performance Standards
    Create a customized monitoring checklist and an audit form to understand and analyze the expectations of the interaction process.
    Create Audit Form/Guidelines
    Create performance standards and guidelines which define each item on the checklist and also clearly articulate the scoring methodology.
    Sample Evaluations
    Sample calls/chat transaction monitoring by the Project Manager and QA leadership ensure that the checklist is calibrated and in sync with the requirements.
    Diagnostic/Baseline measurement, benchmarking and calibration to ensure the rating scales are properly defined.
    (Go Live)
    Transaction monitoring and "go live" post initial calibration.
    Client Calibrations
    Post monitoring calibration to ensure that the QA team and the client are in continuous sync with the scoring and evaluations using the checklist.
    Client Review of Reports
    Re-verification of previously verified sample of transactions to ensure data accuracy.
    Reporting and Analysis trends and findings are delivered to the client to confirm data usability.
    Track Progress
    Track agent's performance progress and other trends.
    A robust scorecard is used to evaluate the transactions and monitor for accuracy which ensures consistent and accurate monitoring evaluations and data insights to our clients.

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