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    MIS Capabilities

    Our current Management Information System is managed through an enterprise SQL cluster database hosted on our internal servers. This is deployed in a 24/7 production mode with the enablement of failover clustering to ensure redundancy.

    We have experienced SQL Data base architects and administrators responsible for all data management including physical data storage, logical design and data security along with DB schema and associated data structures to meet both internal and external client requirements.

    We have capabilities to provide both excel and Web based reporting solutions to our partners. We also support and provide reporting in other formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV and PowerPoint on request.

    Our QA team has the capability to generate data and analytical report in the form of Pareto charts, control charts, Gantt charts, Histograms, trend charts and correlation charts along with the regular reports.

    Campaign/Agent Level Reporting

    • Agent QA Scores (daily/weekly/monthly summary)
    • Customer experience survey analysis and reporting
    • Disclosure/Script compliance
    • Custom reports

    Process Improvement Reporting

    • Audit Parameter-wise reporting
    • Agent performance trends
    • Performance area trends
    • Campaign performance trends
    • Custom deep dive reports
    • Customer survey analysis
    • Top reasons impacting customer experience, customer buying objections and more
    • Non-sale specifics (top objections to purchase)
    • Customer experience opportunities
    • Agent QA stack rank report

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    • "Etech's ability to provide quality B2B leads for SuddenLink Communication's outside Sales Representatives has been fantastic. Their ability to get through the gatekeeper to the decision maker has resulted in very generous conversion rates and great incremental revenue. I would recommend Etech to others in need of sales assistance."
      Marketing Business Services,

      SuddenLink Communications

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      VP of Marketing,

      National University

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      Leading Telecommunications Provider

    • “Etech Global Services helped us reach our customers in a meaningful way.”
      Vice President of Marketing, Leading Media,

      Entertainment and Communications Company

    • "The Etech solution has exceeded every one of My Plate's expectations, and has delivered an astounding ROI of 218%"
      Sean Kennedy,

      Vice President of My Plates

    • “Etech has become a superb business partner and to say I have been impressed is an understatement. Their on-boarding process for new clients, high caliber sales agents, and training have been excellent.”
      Sales Director,

      Leading Financial Institution