2013 Call Center Summit has come to a Close

January 25, 2013 Matt Rocco

The weather was great, networking fantastic, exhibit hall was buzzing, and discussions were flowing. The 2013 Call Center Summit was a success.

During the Summit, Jim Iyoob, Senior Vice President of Global Development at Etech Global Services hosted a Roundtable discussion, “Solving Your Online Business Challenges through Proactive Chat.” During the discussion, participants looked at why proactive chat is important and discussed how meeting customers on their preferred channel by using proactive chat can increase sales volume and customer satisfaction while reducing costs and improving ROI.

Etech also shared its newest white paper, “Solving Ecommerce Problems through Proactive Chat” addressing the current state of live chat and best practices for implementing a solid strategy for solving business challenges. If you didn’t have a chance to join the discussion but would like to receive some great information on proactive chat, please contact us at