Driving CX Success By Leveraging Customer Insights

Businesses that treat their CX strategy as an everyday priority will be the ones that successfully cater to customer expectations in today’s integrated industry.

In today’s industry, consumers are helping brands with their personal data more than ever before. If  CX acts as a new engine for generating business leads, then data serves as fuel for the engine.

In this podcast, Etech’s VP Customer Experience, Shawndra Tobias, talks about how to leverage customer insights and create a pool of satisfied and loyal customers.

Tune in to learn how to convert your customer data into actionable insights that can help you make the right decisions and deliver remarkable customer experiences.

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Etech is consistently delivering exceptional customer experience with our data-driven solutions to companies striving to make their customer journey hassle-free. We provide a wide range of analytic services, combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence, to create comprehensive solutions for improving customer experiences, within the industry. Contact us for more information on our Quality Monitoring Solutions.


Shawndra Tobias – VP Customer Experience, Etech Global Services
Melissa Wood – Dean of Global Leadership Development, Etech Global Services

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