How to Create a Passionate Workforce?

In this podcast, Etech’s Chief Operations Officer, Kaylene Eckels discusses the most important characteristics of servant leaders.

Employee engagement plays an integral role in productivity levels at every company. When servant leaders play an active role in encouraging a culture where team members hold themselves and colleagues accountable for high-performance standards, the results can be phenomenal.

When you understand what drives your team members, you are in a better position to create work with a purpose. Assigning a strong value to each aspect of the work process caters to the underlying values professionals may hold on to. It also helps to create the feeling of making a difference through the work each person does.

Being involved and supportive of your team helps to create a work environment where your team is engaged and feels inspired to innovate.

When leaders take a hands-on approach to becoming involved in workforce management and day-to-day tasks, they create more opportunities for creating community. This helps to provide the contact point they need to better understand how each team member thinks and what further resources they may need to level up their performance and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Tune in to this podcast to help yourself lead and inspire your team to create a culture of engagement, innovation, and inclusiveness.

Kaylene Eckels – Chief Operations Officer, Etech Global Services
Melissa Wood – Dean of Global Leadership Development, Etech Global Services

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