Insights To Impact Amplify Call Centre Success With A Data Driven Culture

Relying on unstructured data and assumptions has always been an unsuccessful strategy. Becoming a data-driven organization not only empowers your team to use insights in all decision-making factors but also turns the process to be more effective.  A data-driven culture is focused on using facts and insights to drive action, using the available data instead of relying on assumptions.

A data-driven culture can provide several long-term benefits to organizations, including improved decision-making, increased productivity, and enhanced customer experiences. By using data to make informed decisions, companies can reduce the risk of costly mistakes and identify opportunities to drive growth.


Despite knowing the importance of a data-driven culture, many companies fail to develop one. According to HBR research, 72% of companies are falling behind in this area. Some of the obstacles these companies face include a lack of data literacy and skills, inadequate technology infrastructure, and resistance to change. However, by prioritizing data literacy training, investing in technology, and providing support for cultural change, organizations can overcome these obstacles and build a successful data-led culture.

In this podcast, we’ll explore how a data-driven culture can help amplify call center success, and why it’s essential for organizations to embrace this approach.

We have uncovered the below in this podcast:

  • How data-driven culture can help amplify call center success.
  • How organizations can overcome obstacles and create a successful data-led culture.
  • How data driven culture can increase productivity and improve team effectiveness.
  • How Etech is helping organizations to be more data driven.


Amit Kachhawa – AVP Corporate Strategy – Etech Global Services
Melissa Wood – Dean of Global Leadership Development, Etech Global Services

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