Mindful Communication: Fostering Connection and Trust

Communication is the most important part of any relationship; be it personal or professional. However, how often do we take the time to really listen to what another person has to say? We may think we are listening but in reality, we are usually just waiting for our turn to talk. If you really want to ace the art of communication, mindful communication is the key. 

Mindful communication is the practice of being present and fully engaged in the moment. It is about attentively and understanding the other person’s perspective without judgement.


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The greatest benefit of mindful communication is that it allows us to connect with people on a deeper level. When we stop pretending and start being true to ourselves, our conversations become more meaningful. By listening more, we can create a better understanding between ourselves and others. This will not only improve our relationships but also help build a stronger deeper connection. 

Practicing mindful communication will help you be more respectful when presenting conflicting views, as well as being open-minded when listening to others’ points of view.  

In this Leadership table discussion, we have shared practical tips to help you with mindful communication and how to master this art. 


Jim Iyoob – Chief Customer Officer, Etech Global Services
Melissa Wood – Dean of Global Leadership Development, Etech Global Services

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