The Changing Face of Contact Center Operations – Where Are We Heading?

Contact Centers have no choice but to adopt the latest technology to stay relevant to serve the best customer experience in the changing world. From agents simply answering customer phone calls to managing a multitude of different customer contact channels, such as live chat, keeping track of social media messaging, etc., omnichannel customer support has become the new norm.

While nearly every company says that keeping the customer experience (CX) on the top of any business strategy is key to maximizing growth, it’s certainly no longer the only important factor.

In recent years, it has become more widely known, understood and accepted that higher employee engagement correlates to elevated customer satisfaction and creates value for business.

In this podcast, Etech’s Sr. Vice President of Operational Excellence, David Carrizales, looked back at how the upheaval of the past years has impacted contact centers; how prepared they were for such rapid change; how they managed to keep operations running to varying degrees of success; how they met and overcame new challenges and made the best of the opportunities; how the hybrid workforce model is the future of the contact center industry; and what impact it can have on the contact center operations.

Find out all the answers in this super value packed podcast hosted by Etech’s Dean of Global Leadership Development, Melissa Wood.

Tune in to this podcast now to learn how to improve your Call Center operations effectively.


  • David Carrizales – Sr. Vice President of Operational Excellence, Etech Global Services
  • Melissa Wood – Dean of Global Leadership Development, Etech Global Services
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