The Future of Contact Center Leadership – What Needs To Be Changed

A true leader keeps changing and improving as and when the situation demands. Leadership in the contact center industry is no exception, and with the post pandemic era unfolding, slowly but surely, there is room for changed and enhanced leadership styles and techniques. Changes like developing remote work opportunities and making best use of the latest technology have become inevitable. Meeting employee expectations of work culture and enabling them with adequate knowledge is the key to this. 

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The biggest challenge is finding the right balance between what technology makes sense for your organization versus your employee’s expectations. Doing so in the correct way will going to serve best to your customers. If you take care of your employee experience the customer experience will take care of itself. 

Get more insights in this podcast, where industry expert Mark Brody and Melissa Wood unveil the changes in the leadership needs in the Contact Centers. 

We have covered for you the below in this podcast:  

  • The biggest challenges that contact center leaders’ face today, in 2023 
  • To be a successful leader, what are the must-have skill sets and how can one cultivate them over time? The must-have skill sets to become a successful leaders and how to cultivate those skill sets 
  • Insights on how can contact centers leverage the technological advancements happening continuously 


  • Mark Brody – CEO/President, Brohawk Solutions, LLC  
  • Melissa Wood – Dean of Global Leadership Development, Etech Global Services 
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