When creating corporate strategy for your business, customer experience should serve as the framework around which the rest of the plan is built. Having a customer centric approach where the needs and experience of the customer are at the forefront of your efforts will lift your Customer Service levels. But how do you know what your customers want and what they are saying about your business? If you don’t understand the customer’s needs, keeping them loyal and happy becomes an impossible task.

Is going above and beyond on every interaction a realistic expectation? Maybe not. You have to discover what your customers actually want.

Did you know that it takes 12 positive customer experiences to cancel out just one negative customer experience? That is why consistency with every interaction is so important!

On any given day, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of interactions happening. The question then becomes, “How do I analyze all of this data?” To help manage this gold mine of customer interaction data and obtain the insights that will help differentiate you from your competitors, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the perfect solution. AI helps businesses automate their Quality Monitoring systems and processes and enables them to analyze data and feedback at a remarkably faster pace. Having this insight more readily available enables leaders in your organization to act quickly and resolve targeted problem areas more quickly, earning you a competitive advantage in the market place.

With Etech’s heritage stemming from our contact center roots, we are often asked a variation of the following questions:

  • What’s next in contact center technology?
  • What’s the future for contact centers?
  • Is AI really the next big thing?
  • Can AI match human intelligence?
  • Can AI really enhance CX?
  • What are things to know before merging AI to CX?
 Artificial Intelligence in contact centers: an undoubted revolution,simplifying complex issues effortlessly; with technology.

Customers interact with your brand when and how they want to and they expect to receive the same level of customer service across all modes of communication. How can you track your customer interactions across all these channels to confirm that your customers are receiving the service they expect? AI helps businesses keep pace with the large amount of data collected through various points of interaction and provides real time insights into customer needs, which enables rapid response changes to existing systems. AI’s role in finding real solutions to customer problems or identifying opportunities is substantial. Discover how to find patterns in your data and automate descriptive, and prescriptive analytical tasks.


Leverage AI and improve your customer experience with these tips:

  • Analyze customer data, learn about consumer habits, and create strategies for extraordinary customer experience
  • Streamline and simplify processes with AI that allows customers to get the required information easily
  • Devise intelligent, easy to use, self-service options and include automation wherever possible
  • Create personalized options for customers based on past interaction patterns
  • Integrate AI with speech analytics, recognize key phrases and offer solutions
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Strategic Decisions unsupported by data are meaningless. Business owners require the data which tells them what decisions should be taken to enhance sales and CX. AI, when integrated with Quality Monitoring systems, produces data which paves the way for business owners to create and fine tune their strategy.

Technology (AI) produces data in the form of digital information that can be leveraged for business growth. While technology can do a lot of things, there are still areas that require a human touch. Using human intelligence helps produce insights with recommendation, resulting in business and market intelligence analytics. Based on these analytics, strategic teams make their decision. These decisions could be related to brand, enhancement to products and services, changing the overall CX, and or, the ultimate goal for any organization, to grow revenue.

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With AI you will convert your customer interactions into actionable, structured feedback for your contact center. Use AI to reap the real time benefits and enhance productivity. Learn how AI applications are able to reduce costs and efforts, all while improving Customer Experience and contact center efficiencies.

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