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How Etech Global Services enhances Automobile customer experience?

Get 360-view of Customer

The first step to fulfil your customer’s expectation is to know them in the first place. Etech’s insights division identifies the customer preferences and their behavior during various lifecycle stages, key challenges they’re facing, parameters driving their sentiments etc. Determining these insights, organizations can strategize their engagement models and customer service processes with the best practices in the industry.

Assisting Customers during the Sales Process

Many customers don’t make upfront payment while buying an automobile. Provide financing options to your customers, while simultaneously onboarding your dealers or finance partners on your customer engagement platform and ensure seamless transition of information across partners. Build an integrated system to ensure that customer information, interaction and preferences are logged and retained.

Boost Pre-Sales Process

An automobile vehicle is a high value commodity. Customers nowadays carry out a lot of research between various options before making their choice. Upscale your customer engagement strategy with the latest tools such as live chat, to provide quick resolutions to customer concerns while they’re browsing through vehicles on your company website. With proactive engagement strategies, organizations can ensure that there is no confusion in customer’s mind while taking their decision.

Simplify After-Sales Process

In automobile industry, selling is not an end, but beginning of a new phase of customer journey. Simplify the after-sales process, such as monthly payment reminders, service assistance and promotions of new accessories or products. With computer telephony integration (CTI) organizations can further ensure availability of customer information when they call you for any assistance.

Etech’s Expertise in Automobile Industry

Read through achievements of Etech’s team while serving some of our valuable clients in the Automobile industry.

Etech Insights helps Global Telecommunication leader to improve sales conversion with market intelligence study and analysis.

Companies invest strategically to implement live chat for providing sales and after-sales support to their online visitors and customers. It’s an ongoing challenge to improve and sustain conversion rates in order to meet aggressive revenue goals. Also, companies run promotional offers from time to time to drive attract more customers and drive sales and revenue. It is imperative for the sales team to know what customers are saying for the various promotional offers about the products and services offered to them and timely analysis can allow the companies to change their promotional offers to meet the customers’ demands while still being competitive.

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