Daring to be GREAT!

I have some questions for you:

  • Do you want to be an average father/husband or mother/wife?
  • Do you want to be regarded as a so-so friend?
  • In your athletics, music or hobbies are you perceived as not bad?
  • What about in the workplace? Are you comfortable with being seen as a typical Team Member?

The questions are rhetorical, of course, because most people are determined to do their best when they want to be involved in something.

We are committed to making Etech not just a “not bad” company, but a GREAT one instead –and we need your help to do it.  I believe that people don’t just happen to be GREAT, instead they decide to be GREAT and then do what it takes to achieve that greatness.  Webster’s Dictionary definitions of the word “GREAT” are:  superior, outstanding, eminent, and renowned. WOW! Those are terms I want to be associated with; how about you?!

Imagine the power and energy if each of the 1,700 Etech Team Members decide to relentlessly pursue being GREAT today.  That’s my challenge to you . . . Help us be GREAT! Here are some of the ways that you can make us GREAT:

Challenge yourself and your teammates to continually achieve personal bests.  For those of you with knowledge of athletics, a personal best is the fastest swim time in an event, the most tackles in a football game, or the most strikeouts in a game by a pitcher.  Think about it terms of your Etech work – it might be the best sales pitch you’ve ever made, OR the most sales in a single day, OR doing complex development work without a single error. If you’re a leader, it could be simply conducting the most impactful coaching session you’ve ever had.  Strive to set your own new records and encourage others to do the same.

Be a Team Player.  Help people when you can and be a cheerleader for those around you. Share your best-practices along with things you’re good at. Don’t be a gossip (it’s destructive and hurtful; individuals of weak character talk about other people, those with strong character talk about ideas). Instead, talk people up; be their biggest fan.

Play like a Champion each day by: 1) Competing with 100% effort . . . Give your best in all you do, because you are the only one who will knows when you truly give it your all . . . I say, be “all in” no matter what you’re doing; 2) Competing 100% of the time . . . Champion tennis player Jimmy Connors once said, “I never lost a tennis match, I just ran out of time…” Connors never gave up and never stopped competing until he was forced to leave the court; 3) Competing with courage . . . Michael Jordan is a fantastic example for this—sorry for all the sports examples, I can’t help it! During an NBA finals game in the 90’s, MJ was severely ill with the flu (maybe you remember this game . . .).  Nonetheless, he played the entire, game getting IV’s before the game, at halftime and after . . . And he played one of his best games defensively and offensively, scoring over 40 points – if we all can muster up that type of commitment during the 90% of the time that we feel well, then watch out! ; 4) Never give up . . . Well known is the fact that Thomas Edison and his team own over 1,000 patents (the phonograph and light bulb being two of them), but not so well known is the fact that Edison is also credited with over 10,000 failed inventions – if he gave up, you would be reading these words by candlelight!

Don’t settle for anything less than GREAT!  The average person finds it easy to coast, doing just enough to get by. It’s difficult to work at getting better and to raise the bar on your contributions, but people who want to be GREAT do these things.  I’m not solely talking about being a great Etech team member!  I also mean being a great parent, spouse, church member, friend, hobbyist, neighbor . . . You get the idea.

Few worthwhile things are easy, but taking on challenges is what makes the victory all that much sweeter and the payoffs that much more lucrative.  I bet that you are indeed ready to be an important contributor to our aspirations . . . In fact, I dare you to be GREAT!

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