E-Commerce Website Helps Boost Online Sales through Better Customer Engagement

August 26, 2013 Jim Iyoob

E-commerce websites need to keep pace with changing customer preferences, behavior, and latest technologies to efficiently engage customers and boost sales. Customers are faced by thousands of options while shopping online and it has made it increasingly difficult to draw their attention and convince them to make a purchase. However, the two things that can make an E-commerce website differ from the rest is efficient customer service and customer engagement.

Factors behind growth in E-commerce sector

The E-commerce sector is witnessing a sudden spurt in growth and increased sales. According to recent Forrester Research (1), U.S. online retail sales will hit $370 billion by 2017. The E-commerce sector which accounts for 8% of the total retail sales in the U.S. will outpace sales growth at brick-and-mortar stores over next five years, according to Forrester report. Two striking factors can be attributed to be behind driving the growth. One is easy accessibility and use of smartphones and tablets among the U.S. online consumers. Online consumers are using them to conduct research before making a purchase, find stores, find and compare prices before making purchase.

Second is that many retailers have increased their investments in setting up divisions or departments to improve their online sales and marketing. Also, they are introducing newer ways to improve their online sales.

Changing consumer behavior

Consumers are changing their online shopping behavior. They visit online websites of businesses, compare pricing of products from two or more stores, read reviews of the product from review websites, make online transactions, decide whether to buy from in-store or online store etc. Essentially every aspect of the buying process can now be done prior to any one on one interaction so it is crucial for businesses and companies to have a strong E-commerce website.

An E-commerce website offers the best way for any business to sell any kind of products online as well as create a robust web presence. By establishing a solid online presence through E-commerce website, businesses can efficiently reach out to the large untapped online customer base, boost online sales and create a positive brand perception.


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Jim Iyoob

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