Employee Morale Boosters To Include For Call Center Agents

August 18, 2017 Shawndra Tobias

Employee morale portrays the general viewpoint, attitude, fulfillment, and confidence that workers feel at work. At the point when employees are positive about their workplace and trust that they can meet their most critical professional and vocational needs at work, employee morale high.

Just as call center agent motivation, you can’t give a call center agent positive morale. As an employer, however, you do control large parts of the environment in which call center agents work every day.

Call center agents are under huge pressure. They’re relied upon to deal with enormous volumes of contacts professionally, expertly, and politely and still accomplish high productivity.

As a manager, you must ensure call agents are exceptionally productive without giving up quality and customer satisfaction. It’s likewise your role to ensure agents perform well which can only be done with the right tools like training, acknowledgment, and good compensation. These things make call center agents feel esteemed and respected. High morale equals a proficient and high functioning work force and lowers attrition.

The following are ten ways to boost call center agents morale:

  1. Equip Them with the Right Tools
    Easy to use, integrated tools that flawlessly fit into an agent’s job enables them to concentrate on giving an ideal customer experience. Rather than mishandling different platforms to get to get information or utilizing defective software, your agents can work proficiently and efficiently when they have the best instruments readily available. Apart from call center software, make sure you provide your agents with the best headsets, computers and bandwidth.
  2. Automatic Data Entry
    Syncing data with client service tools through platform integrations is another approach to avoid redundancy for call agents. These components help streamline agent’s work and positively support efficiency metrics such as average handle time.
  3. Harness Agents’ Strengths
    As opposed to having your agents deal with each issue that enters your call center, preparing call center agents to become a real expert on a particular topic enables them to concentrate their energy and time on what they are independently best at. Advanced call routing or skills based routing guarantee calls are directed to the agent best prepared to deal with every request. For instance, if you have one agent who handles disturbed or upset clients truly well and another that disintegrates under the criticism, the latter could concentrate rather on taking orders while the former handles level one request.
  4. Integrate Positive Acknowledgment
    Everyone likes to be recognized when they are doing a good. Utilizing call center reporting, you can rapidly and effortlessly evaluate the performance of every agent. You can see how much time your agents are spending on calls and reward the individuals who emerge for their performance and have active client reviews. Celebrate the successes!
  5. Show others how it’s been done
    A Gallup poll demonstrated that “89% of employer’s trust that front line employees leave their organization for more cash” while “75% of workers who willfully left their jobs did so as a result of their managers and not the position the position.” This infers the well-known saying “people quit bosses, not jobs.” How do the pioneers in your corporation deal with their teams and what is the way of life of your company? The responses to those inquiries could be found in your employee turnover rate.
  6. Take time to listen
    “The foundation of good employee morale is communication that means collaboration, feedback, and recognition” clarifies Morgan Norman, founder, and CEO of WorkSimple, a social performance management platform. The call center agent is the one closest to the client and who best comprehends the details of a product. Enabling agents to be heard approves the vital part they fill for the business. They are your best source of customer feedback!
  7. Reduce customer frustration
    A prime friction point for customers is hold time. Occasionally being on hold is inescapable. Advanced call center software elements, for example, opening a chat channel or an option to leave a voice message or leave a callback number, can make that time more endurable for customers. Having channel options that make your customers communication effortless will reduce the amount of frustration directed at your agent. Your agents can then focus on servicing and supporting your customer’s true needs instead of fielding hold time frustrations.
  8. Provide opportunities for advancement
    Ordinarily, call center jobs are for those new to the job market. “There is a considerably higher turnover rate in routine, order taking positions or in outbound telemarketing where burnout is high,” discovered QATC, a quality assurance organization. “Turnover is lower in more specialized, higher level jobs and also lower in a union environment.” Understanding the growth trajectory and potential is inspiring and empowering.
  9. Promote teamwork
    Everything must be a team effort, and everyone must understand their place in the team. Fostering a team mentality creates a “you matter” culture that shares success and failure. Ordinarily, workers invest more energy in the workplace than even at home, so it just bodes well to make an ideal work involvement. Being heard, respected and prepared for success will inspire agents and enable them to address each customer’s need and act as a true brand ambassador.

Shawndra Tobias

Shawndra Tobias is the Etech’s AVP of Customer Experience. Shawndra has 20 years of experience at Etech and has served in various roles including OSS Reporting Specialist, Account Leader, Project Manager and Sr. Director of Operations. Shawndra is directly responsible for creating frameworks for call center analytics, QA product development and iterative machine.