Etech Global Services Makes its Ground in IRE 2014

IRE (Indian Retail Expo) is here! India’s largest conference on Internet Retail is back and just like in previous years, IRE-2014 is packed with passionate speakers and retailers from all over India. The event focuses on key topics such as online & multi-channel retailing. Given the talent of some of the best-in-class speakers, this show is a must attend for anyone with a presence in the online space!
IRE-2014 will feature more than 1,500 participants, 1000+ retailers, more than 70 exhibitors and 50+ Indian & International speakers.

Etech Global Services is proud to be exhibiting at IRE-2014 and would like to invite those with an online presence to stop by their booth.  Etech will be promoting how their Live Chat Services and Solutions help companies increase revenue, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. As Live Chat Services are still growing in India, this is the perfect opportunity to learn from the industry experts at Etech Global Services.

The main attraction at their booth will be the demonstration of their Click to Chat technology. They will be displaying their cutting-edge web-chat products while also explaining the significance of these products in today’s business world. This demonstration will help organizations understand how live chat can positively impact their business.

Visit Etech Global Services at Booth #60 or

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Amit is passionate about helping business leaders adopt strategic outsourcing to make their business and workforces healthier and more productive. Amit is a subject matter expert on Live Chat and Digital Marketing including Social Media, Data and Workforce Management Analytics. He loves sharing his thoughts on How industries can benefit using Live Chat Solutions, Digital Marketing, and effective customer engagement solutions.

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