How to Recognize Extraordinary Achievements From Your Employees?

  • How to Recognize Extraordinary Achievements From Your Employees?

Etech is not only dedicated to staffing call centers scattered around the world, we also make sure we do our part to value our people and the contributions they make to the company. Employee recognition is vital to the individual, the team, and the company. Learn more about why you should take out the time to recognize the achievements of your employees to do it the right way.

Why It’s Important?

The main reason valuing employees is so essential is because your team likes to know their employer is paying attention to them and the work they contribute. Employees know what they’re doing right, eliminating a great deal of guesswork, and they’re more likely to repeat and find ways to improve in the future. Recognition also commonly leads to feelings of job satisfaction, which boosts overall morale and reduces the chances of employees complaining about their jobs.

Your employees are also more likely to work together as a team when their efforts and hard work are acknowledged, which benefits everyone. Finally, employee recognition commonly generates employee loyalty, allowing you to retain top talent at your company rather than them going to work for another company the first chance they get. Now that you understand a bit more about why recognizing the efforts of your employees is so important, it’s time to learn a few ways you can honor your team.

How to Do It?

When it comes to recognition, spontaneity works best. This means thanking your call center employees on the fly rather than scheduling a block of time to thank and recognize the efforts. When an employee does a good job, verbally and immediately praise him or her. You can also give thanks electronically, with a written note or in front of the entire team.

Not only should recognition be spontaneous, it should happen on a day-to-day basis as well. Just like your employees never give up on their efforts to make your call center better (hopefully), you shouldn’t give up on recognizing your employees.

Make sure you’re specific when praising your employees. While it’s great to tell them know they did a good job, it’s better to tell them exactly what you’re praising them for so they know the practices and behaviors to continue in the future. Being vague could lead to unintentional setbacks.

Break down the specific value of actions that garner praise. Did the employee’s actions improve the company’s reputation? Bring in new sales? Open a new business opportunity? Again, specifics give employees a concrete idea of what their job is and how they can be better at it.

Finally, proper behavior, practices, and results must be reinforced while doling out praise. This better ensures everyone is on the same page, and it reduces the chances of employees making mistakes or missteps that can stifle progress.

Let your employees know the difference they make in the success of your call center. Practice proper recognition and watch your team soar.

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