Improving Contact Center Compliance With Improved Data Analysis Technology

  • Improving Contact Center Compliance With Improved Data Analysis Technology

The managers and team leaders overseeing the operations of a contact or call center have a lot of work to do even outside of the pressing daily tasks of coaching agents, assisting customers, and reporting to superiors in the company hierarchy. Contact center leaders are often responsible for tracking the data required to maintain compliance with all relevant regulations. Any lapse in compliance could leave a company open to complicated problems later on; various sanctions may be leveled and operations will almost certainly suffer. Although there is no question that compliance is a necessary part of overseeing contact center operations, the amount of information that must be gathered and analyzed means that obligatory record keeping can fall behind. Speech analytics can actually help improve compliance in several ways, including

  • Eliminating compliance risk with the help of improved data collection, scoring, and analysis
  • Improving agent performance by pinpointing specific shortcomings and areas in need of improvement
  • Driving revenue through improved delivery of service and expedited resolution of concerns

Eliminating Risk

One of the strongest advantages that analysis systems bring to a contact center is the ability to monitor the entire body of calls passing through the center, the attributing a score and analysis to each one. Trends can be viewed on a daily basis or even several times a day to see emerging trends. Not only is this valuable technical solution capable of gathering and recording data with an accuracy beyond what individual team members can accomplish, it can do so at a speed and volume that would require an enormous team of people. This is a good way to pinpoint agents performing very well as well as team members in need of additional coaching.

Improving Coaching of Call Center Agents

Systems that analyze speech can quickly identify words and phrases that indicate dissatisfaction, confusion, disapproval, and anger; it can also pick out the bits of speech associated with satisfaction, trust, and approval. Agents connected with calls identified as having unsatisfactory outcomes can receive personalized coaching based on the highly precise information collected by the analytical system.

One of the primary complaints of agents leaving contact center positions relates to the lack of guidance and coaching provided by leaders. Often, coaching is simply left undone because of the many other concerns that departmental managers must address each day. Analytics helps eliminate the guesswork from coaching and so makes the entire process much more efficient.

Driving Revenue Creation

Positive experiences encourage customers to return and make it much more likely that they will recommend a brand to others; personalized follow-ups asking customers to leave reviews will help raise the profile of a company online and add to its reputation. All these outcomes are directly related to enhanced revenue generation. Furthermore, analytics can help agents identify which customers are most likely to be responsive to various upsells and additional services.

Clearly, systems capable of analyzing the speech of customers making inbound calls have a lot to offer. The operation of contact centers can be enhanced in many ways while simultaneously supporting operational goals common to the entire company.

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