India s E-Commerce: A Growing Opportunity

June 17, 2015 Dilip Barot

Over the course of the last decade, thanks to the growth of the internet, we’ve all had the opportunity to observe significant changes in our world and the way we do things.  Consider how common e-mail is now in our business and personal lives.  Ten to fifteen years ago, this was a fairly new way to communicate with friends, loved ones or business associates. Now, it’s one of the most common and preferred ways to communicate.

The same can be said of on-line purchasing or E-commerce.  The E-commerce industry has seen explosive growth over the past decade and India is one of the epi-centers of this growth.  According to a recent article in Tech Crunch, the E-commerce market in India is projected to grow sevenfold to $22 billion in the next five years.  Right now, the country’s e-commerce market is worth $3.1 billion annually. So in the next five years India’s e-commerce market will grow from $3.1 billion now, to $25 billion.  WOW!  That is EXPLOSIVE growth.

With this growth comes many opportunities.  Not only for investors who want a piece of the action, but for other companies who are designed to support the e-commerce industry such as Etech Global Services.  We get excited when we hear of growth opportunities like these because we know that we can provide a service to the E-commerce industry that will only propel them to greater growth. How do we do that? By providing the call center service and support that the E-commerce industry desperately needs. At Etech Global Services, we bring an infrastructure that is equipped to provide web chat, sales, customer service, tech support, business process outsourcing, lead generation and collections. Etech Global Services has two offices in India that will be able to serve the growing E-commerce industry with quality and efficiency as we bring the strength of our infrastructure to India’s booming E-commerce industry.

 In addition, we bring a level of commitment that is second to none in our industry because we constantly strive to put the customer first by never losing sight of the fact that each customer we help is a PERSON, who is important. PEOPLE are always the foundation of our global business strategy. Etech’s reason for existence is to make a remarkable different for our clients, our employees and our communities.  We provide an integral service to businesses and in the course of doing this, we help the PEOPLE who patronize their business. So whether it’s a business to business relationship or business to consumer relationship, it’s always about PEOPLE.

We are excited about the role we can play in helping to grow and stabilize India’s E-commerce industry.  When one industry grows, it helps another grow and everyone benefits.   We look forward to this growth with great anticipation.

This blog was written by Dilip Barot, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Etech Global Services, and founder of Creative Choice Group, headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Etech employs 2,500 team members across the US, India and Jamaica.  If you would like to learn more about Etech, contact for more information.

Dilip Barot

Dilip Barot is the Founder and Chairman of Etech Global Services. Mr. Barot uses his vast entrepreneurial experience to establish the strategic direction of the company and prioritize business imperatives. His success story has been published in several national and international publications like Forbes magazine – “Imported Entrepreneurs” and Reader’s Digest – “Keepers of the Dream.”