Lighten Up East Texas

Statistics say that roughly over 30% of Texas citizens are obese. If those trends don’t change with our youth, one-third of the kids that were born in 2000 are expected to have (type 2) diabetes, according to the CDC!

Lighten Up East Texas (LUET) is the newest program, created by the Fit City Challenge, which challenges any East Texan to lose at least 5% of their weight in a 6-month period (November – April).  Participants’ names will be entered into a drawing for every 5% of body weight loss, up to 20%, for a maximum of four entries. Along with several prizes to win, the grand prize is a new Dodge Dart!

Etech’s Wellness Committee is always looking for external functions to get Etech involved in, and LUET is one of them! We have 100 employees committed to the campaign and learning to live healthy and lose weight. To keep each other motivated, each East Texas center continues to brainstorm ideas for us to work together. One thing we’re doing is taking 10 minutes each day to walk the Nacogdoches center. In addition, once a week employees get together for lunch to discuss healthy recipes and dos and don’ts of dieting. Etech is even having its own internal challenge! At the end of each month, Etech participants weigh in to win a prize for most weight lost during that month (percentage wise of course).

There’s still time to register for your chance to partake and maybe win some great prizes from LUET. For more information, check out

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Veronica Chimney is Senior Vice President of Human Resources and a 20 year veteran of the contact center/BPO industry. She leads a global HR team in reinforcing a strong company culture. She is responsible for global labor relations, employee engagement, leadership development programs, benefits, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility, and human resource strategies that support the achievement of Etech’s business goals and objectives.

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