Online Chat Surely Boosts Up Website Sales

With more and more businesses going online, this industry has started offering innumerable tools that are capable of increasing your customer base & your sales. Online chat is one such tool which has attained considerable popularity in last few years. Most of the websites these days have implemented the online chat option, to communicate with their prospective clients.

Online businesses hardly have a conversion rate between 1-3%. It means if 100 visitors visiting your site, only 2 or 3 will actually buy from you. With online chat software, you can increase this number quite significantly. Here are some ways by which these chat software are capable of boosting your sales:

1. Quick response

Email has remained the traditional way of communication since a long time but this method does not provide quick response. Most of the times, you are not aware of receiving an email. Even if you are, it takes some time reading the mail and replying for the same. Your customers will not wait for that long and eventually move to another service provider.

Online chat programs, on the other hand, have the ability of quick response. Whenever you get a chat request, you immediately reply for the same and your customers feel satisfied after learning that there is someone to hear them. It’s also superior to phone support as your visitors will not have to wait if lines are busy.

2. Immediate support

During the buying process, there are some phases where your customers stuck. Using the payment gateway can be an example of the same. In such, your customers require immediate support to take them out from the conditions. If online chat program is there, they will always find a helping hand readily available to support them. This eventually results in completion of the buying process. Without immediate support, your customers may choose to switch to another website.

3. Real and direct conversation

There have been some instances when my visitor asked me “Are you a real person?” Sounds funny, but it’s very much true. People always wanted to be listened by real people, not by machines. If your customers know they are talking to a real person, they will feel trusted and reliable. Being connected to a live person has always proved to be effective in better sales.

4. Useful feedback

Feedback is an essential part of every business, which helps improving the services. You may use other methods of getting feedback, such as an email or a form, but they are not that effective. People generally don’t speak their minds while writing. Online chat allows them to be honest and give their valuable feedback.

5. Keep visitors engaged on your site

One of the key elements of higher traffic is the amount of time a visitor has spent on your site. If you get many visitors but they leave your site instantly, it will ultimately result in lower conversion rate. Online chat increases the overall time a visitor has spent on your site. Meanwhile, they can search for other products or services. This also increases the chances that your visitors buy some more stuff from you.

6. Tracking capability

Online chats allow you to track the conversion history of your website. By using this method, you can evaluate which page, which item or which ad has highest conversion rate. This improves your marketing strategy and you can focus on such items with more passion.


To wrap up with, online chat program is certainly very effective in improving the sales of your website. We have seen thousands of business owners who have attained considerable increment in their sales after implementing chat program. Implementing the online chat on your site is a win-win situation for both your customers and your business. After all, it deserves a try with so many benefits.

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