Helpful Tips to Look for When Selecting an Outsourced Contact Center

  • Helpful Tips to Look for When Selecting an Outsourced Contact Center

In today’s competitive and constantly growing marketplace, finding something that gives a company a unique competitive edge can be something that some companies may never find. With so many companies offering essentially the same product or service, one way companies are battling this similarity is by placing more and more focus on their Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service department. Most of the large companies have their own customer service department but some companies, however, have found that outsourcing this function to a trusted Contact Center has proven to work well and save money! Below we will discuss some quick tips and questions to ask in order to help assist companies who are looking for that trusted partner.

Some questions that need to be addressed are:

  • Does the Contact Center have a large enough staff to handle a high volume of calls or chats?
  • Does the Contact Center staff have good communication and coordination amongst their company?
  • Does the Contact Center use the most efficient and advanced technology available to compete in this global economy?
  • Does the Contact Center offer a reliable means of analyzing customer feedback?

If your prospective contact center can’t answer YES to these initial few questions, keep searching for someone who can.

The next major question to ask prior to hiring the contact center is: Do we hire on-shore, near-shore or off-shore?  Here are some facts that may be helpful when making that decision:

  1. Off-shore call centers can offer a huge cost savings to US companies due to lower labor costs and in many cases, a work-force eager to earn a consistent wage and valuable work experience.
  2. With technological advances, companies can now take advantage of low overhead and a 24/7 workforce.
  3. Countries such as India, are becoming known for their Call Center capabilities and in many cases, already have the infrastructure set up, which means a seamless and efficient transition for your company.

While this doesn’t cover specific details, this does provide a great initial guide to selecting a Contact Center. Once a company makes their decision, a good contact center will help you do the rest!

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