Remarkable Difference: The Comeback!

Tony Stark starts off Ironman 3 with a quote “We often create our own demons”, and the movie shows how his decision 13 years prior has caused his current struggle.   This article is not a summary of this movie, but how focusing on making a Remarkable Difference can lead you through your demons, and keep you from creating others in the future.

I have found through my career that in fact many struggles can be traced back to past decisions which were completely within my control.  I would like to highlight the actions I have taken to get back on top, and the steps made DAILY to stay there!

  • Find my passion as a leader by developing others and seeing them grow.  To help build momentum I focused on a short term goal for my team to achieve. This helps them feel confident in their abilities and gives them a realistic goal they can grasp and accomplish. While long term goals are necessary, smaller short term goals are much more effective to get your team motivated and working together.
  • Insure all actions go through a Remarkable Difference filter
    • Is “X” going to make a remarkable difference for my customer, my people, or in my community?
    • If the answer is “NO” then I do not do those things
  • Don’t shy away from holding your people accountable
    • All accountability/development must be target based
    • That target is based on their goals
    • Show them what success looks like & celebrate with the team when success is achieved
  • Remember, your people do not walk through the front door wanting to be a failure for the day
    • Much like we cause our own demons, the reason the team fails to reach their goals can be found in the mirror
    • Start every day with a positive attitude regardless of the previous day. Nothing can be more detrimental on a day’s success as a negative mindset can be.
    • Set proper expectations and show them what success looks like. Realistic attainable goals!
  • Don’t get yourself locked down behind your desk
    • Get out with your team!
    • Recognize performance
    • Lend a helping hand
  • Bottom Line – They must believe that you CARE about them, and that you put their needs over yours!
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