Remarkable Difference: The Comeback! – Part 2

Tony Stark starts off Ironman 3 with a quote “We often create our own demons”, and the movie shows how his decision 13 years prior has caused his current struggle. This article is not a summary of this movie, but how focusing on making a Remarkable Difference can lead you through your demons, and keep you from creating others in the future.

I have found through my career that in fact many struggles can be traced back to past decisions which were completely within my control.  I would like to highlight the actions I have taken to get back on top, and the steps made DAILY to stay there!

  • Find my passion as a leader by developing others and seeing them grow.  To help build momentum I focused on a short term goal for my team to achieve. This helps them feel confident in their abilities and gives them a realistic goal they can grasp and accomplish. While long term goals are necessary, smaller short term goals are much more effective to get your team motivated and working together.
  • Insure all actions go through a Remarkable Difference filter
    • Is “X” going to make a remarkable difference for my customer, my people, or in my community?
    • If the answer is “NO” then I do not do those things
  • Don’t shy away from holding your people accountable
    • All accountability/development must be target based
    • That target is based on their goals
    • Show them what success looks like & celebrate with the team when success is achieved
  • Remember, your people do not walk through the front door wanting to be a failure for the day
    • Much like we cause our own demons, the reason the team fails to reach their goals can be found in the mirror
    • Start every day with a positive attitude regardless of the previous day. Nothing can be more detrimental on a day’s success as a negative mindset can be.
    • Set proper expectations and show them what success looks like. Realistic attainable goals!
  • Don’t get yourself locked down behind your desk
    • Get out with your team!
    • Recognize performance
    • Lend a helping hand
  • Bottom Line – They must believe that you CARE about them, and that you put their needs over yours!
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Ashwini Kumar assumed the role of Assistant Vice President for Far Shore Operations in Sept 2016 with the responsibility for Etech India (Vadodara and Gandhinagar) and Jamaica (Montego Bay) center’s. His directive is to continue enhance the alignment between our clients’ and market needs to Etech’s capabilities from a people, process and performance perspective driving One Etech culture.

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