A resolution for 2015: I resolve to be Teachable!

10th in the series of Etech’s Character Commitments.

So here we are in a brand new year and most likely, most of us have chosen one or more goals or resolutions that we’d like to see achieved this year.  Chances are your resolutions or goals center around forming new habits such as adopting a more healthy diet or being more consistent with exercise; being more organized, or putting yourself on a budget. All of these are excellent goals that require us to adopt new habits and ways of doing things that will make our lives better, but have you ever chosen a goal or resolution that has less to do with habits and more to do with YOU?  Hmm….. sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

Well, my resolution for 2015 is to be more TEACHABLE.  What does “teachable” mean? Merriam-Webster defines teachable as:  capable of being taught; apt and willing to learn (emphasis mine). Willing to learn, that caught my attention because a willingness to learn is a fundamental skill for life. Yes, it IS a skill and probably one of the more important life skills we can have.

I came across an article on Teachability that outlined the characteristics of a Teachable life vs. an unteachable one. You can check out the article here, but let me share with you a few characteristics from each category that stood out to me.

Characteristics of an UNTEACHABLE life:

  • Doesn’t take notes, read books or learn anything unless it’s the bare minimum or what’s essential for exam purposes.
  • Doesn’t ask questions for fear of looking ignorant
  • Doesn’t seek one to one guidance or mentoring from anyone
  • Doesn’t read or listen to anything that may challenge the way we think
  • Resists moving out of personal comfort zones in work, study, ministry or relationships but looks for the easy, familiar route.

Characteristics of a TEACHABLE life:

  • Aware of your limitations, knowledge and abilities
  • You regularly ask for help, guidance and advice
  • You learn from anyone and everyone
  • You try, try again when you fail; you never give up
  • You step out of your comfort zone and try new things even if you might look silly

What I noticed as I read through both lists was that there were some in each category where I could say “Yes, I do that” or “Hmm, I could use some work there.”  Most likely you found the same to be true of you.  Each of us has areas within the realm of teachability where we can grow. As we hone this skill of being teachable, willing to learn and grow, we are likely to find that it is the key to seeing our goals and resolutions move from good ideas on paper to new realities in our day to day living.

So Happy 2015! The year of becoming more Teachable!

This Blog entry was written my Matt Rocco, President and COO of Etech Global Services and is the 10th in the blog series of Etech Character Commitments. If you would like to learn more about Etech and our contact center technology and service solutions, please contact us at info@etechgs.com.

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Matt Rocco is the President/CEO for Etech Global Services. Matt is a 38-year veteran of the BPO industry. He has held key leadership positions within Dun & Bradstreet, The Berry Company, and Etech Global Services. In the past 38 years, he has spent time in every facet of call center operations and outsourcing processes. Matt has been an avid speaker at many industry events and was featured in the articles of various renowned periodicals including The Wall Street Journal, Contact Center World, Call Center Magazine, Call Center Times and others.

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