Round Table Wrap-Up

July 01, 2015 Patrick Reynolds

Our Etech team has just recently returned from a great five days at Call Center Week in Las Vegas, NV.   Call Center week is a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other people in the industry and learn about new technologies that are emerging that allow us to do our job better.

While we were there, I had the privilege of hosting one of the Round Table Discussions. These are a great way to get up-close and personal with people in the industry and share ideas about specific issues Call Centers face daily. The hardest thing about the Round Table Talks is choosing the one you’d like to attend. If you missed the one I hosted, here are some of the things we discussed.

How chat technology and people can deliver quality interactions, increase revenue and delight your customers in your online channel.  Below are some key points you need to consider when building a world class chat program:

You need to have a champion within the C-Suite to coordinate resources across departments (Technology, Marketing, Web Development, OPS, etc)

You should develop a specific hiring profile for chat (ability to effectively multi-task, minimum typing speed requirement, ability to effectively communicate without the use of canned messages)

You need to select the right technology vendor for your specific business need

What are your business goals (Incremental Revenue, Call Deflection, etc)

If you are transitioning this work from the IB channel you need to determine what tools are currently available to the IB agents and how those tools can be integrated into the chat platform

Proactive vs. Reactive

Sales vs. Service (ability to monitor visitor behaviors and strategically target customers that meet your business criteria)

Ability to measure CSAT/Net Promoter

Mobile device capability (ability to interact with consumers that are using a mobile device)

You must have someone responsible for content (canned messages, promotional information, disclosures, etc) to ensure the information available to the agents is accurate and up to date.  Also, the content manager should create canned messages in a way that is appropriate for the channel (short and concise).

Robust monitoring solution

Create a true self service environment on the website (if the customer wants to be able to place an order without intervention, your site should allow it)

We had a great time discussing these points and I believe everyone came away feeling more equipped with new information and how to implement positive changes in their work environments.

Patrick Reynolds
Vice President
Etech Global Services

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds is the VP Partner Strategy for Etech Global Services and has 19 years of experience while working with Etech. Patrick has held variety of Leadership positons at Etech. His responsibilities at Etech includes leading Etech’s chat operations in the 4 Texas and the 2 India based locations.