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That sounds good doesn’t it?  Sitting around a table with friends or loved ones and talking.  Most of us probably grew up doing just that and chances are, even in this very busy life we lead, we still enjoy a chance to slow down, gather the family and sit around the table over dinner and just talk!

Although this is something that is very common in family life, it’s not something we see as much in our corporate world.  However, I am looking forward to the opportunity that I’m going to have to do this at the upcoming Call Center Week Expo and Convention in Las Vegas.  Our Etech team will be there June 9th-13th and if you plan to be there, I hope you’ll join me at the Round Table Talks that will be held on June 12th at 11:15am PST.

I have the good fortune of being able to host a Round Table Talk and our topic of discussion will be: How chat technology & people can deliver quality interactions, increase revenue and delight your customers in your online channel.  I know, it sounds like a lot to tackle in a brief time, but really it’s not. In a nutshell, we simply want to explore how to consistently deliver excellent customer service with our ever-changing technologies.

If you’re planning to attend Call Center Week, I hope you’ll join us. Let’s gather around the table and talk.

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Patrick joined Etech in 2000 and has held a variety of Leadership positions. In 2005 he helped lead the training of the first outbound and inbound team members in the Gandhinagar, India facility. Built on the success of this original team, Etech has been able to grow the outbound, inbound and web chat sales teams in India from 30 initial team members to its current team of approximately 600+ team members.

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