Training That Will Make You Stop, Drop and Roll

  • Training That Will Make You Stop, Drop and Roll

In our world, we are often asked to minimize the time it takes for the transfer of knowledge to take place while still maximizing the output! We must cut the cost of our investment and drive the ROI (Return on Investment) to meet the highest potential. This theme of decreasing the learning time frame is not new nor is it fun to hear. The obstacle is real however we can deliver a solution for our teams.

If you remember as a kid in school the fire department would send someone to the school to share what to do in case of a fire. I am constantly reminded of those conversations anytime I pass a fire extinguisher or fire alarm. I instantly remember, “In case of fire; stop, drop and roll.” Those posters would often have pictures to illustrate the point and some bullet points on how to accomplish the task. You could read the poster in less than 2 minutes and be ready to discuss (or follow if necessary) the process quickly.

This is called Nano Learning or Micro Learning. It is designed to engage the adult learner:
• Quickly (less than 15 – 20 minutes)
• Usually covers one subject or concept
• Often utilizes many types of media
• Can be used as reminders later to ensure proper transfer of knowledge
• Can use an LMS for reaching groups across sites and ensure proper tracking

Like the poster that reminds us, “In case of fire; stop, drop and roll.” Nano learning will allow the adult learner to apply their current experience to the situation and elaborate on the key concept. The facilitator will manage the discussion to ensure the right behaviors are forming. This allows some time to “real play” (some say role play) the scenario and further ensure all learning styles are somehow touched.

Our ability to quickly understand the subject matter and turn around and exercise the new knowledge is what Nano or Micro Learning is all about. We minimize the time and money spent in delivering key content, our teams have a good understanding on what is expected and they can do follow up learning based on additional materials provided with the initial learning. This empowers your team to further their knowledge and ability to master the content. Everybody has the needed foundation to deliver on the new information and the ability to develop with further actions on their own.

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