Web Chat- Most convenient form of customer service

Raise your hand if you like to listen to the machine generated music that businesses play when you call their customer support desk. Let me ask that in a different way now; raise your hand if you like to listen to “your call is being transferred. Please stay on the line. Your call is very important to us.” If I was able to see each person reading this blog right now, I can almost guaranty it that no one would be raising their hand. But honestly, this is what most of the traditional customer support desks ask you to do.

Good news is, it’s no longer the early 2000’s and we are starting to see less and less of this. We have entered into 2014 where companies are changing their ways of customer service. Today’s world we want our services right NOW, not after minutes and minutes of holding and waiting only to be passed along to what could be the wrong department.

One of the biggest changes we have seen in recent years is the success and popularity of Live web chats. Having a live person readily available to answer any customer questions at that moment has proven invaluable not only for the businesses offering these services, but for the customers visiting the sites as well.

Here are a few reasons why web chat is proving to be the most convenient form of customer service:

  • Live chat creates the opportunity for the chat agent to be able to ask questions specific to that customer’s problem that an automated machine might not be able to do. This lets the customer know that they are being listened to and reassures them that their problem or question will be answered.
  • Customer wait time with web chat is considerably shorter than automated machines, as customer support agents are more productive using this mode of communication. Chat agents are able to be more productive by being trained to handle multiple customer interactions at the same time. As opposed to a telephone agent where they can only be handling one customer at a time, a chat agent could be chatting with 3 customers at once and be just as effective in helping the customer.
  • In this day in age more and more people are turning to tablets, smart phones, or laptops to do their shopping and pay their bills. Consumers do not want to have to pick up the phone anymore. Studies show that more and more people would rather just simply chat an agent as compared to having to actually speak to someone over the telephone. Having a live person readily available to chat and assist the costumer makes them feel comfortable and confident in any decision they may make, based on the type of service the website is offering.
  • Another added bonus about Live chat is if the company wants to monitor and track the success of the chat feature, they can simply place a survey at the end of a conversation, asking the costumer to rate their experience. Having the survey right there available for the costumer to fill out increases the companies ability to really find out what is and what is not working in reference to their chat service. This helps the company tend to their customers needs based directly on their feedback.

The success of any business lies in its customer satisfaction. People love to talk about their good experiences and even more so about the bad experiences. In todays Social Media world, Word of Mouth marketing has an entire new meaning. A single disgruntled customer could possibly reach thousands in a matter of seconds which is why customer satisfaction is even more important now than what is has been in the past.

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Amit is passionate about helping business leaders adopt strategic outsourcing to make their business and workforces healthier and more productive. Amit is a subject matter expert on Live Chat and Digital Marketing including Social Media, Data and Workforce Management Analytics. He loves sharing his thoughts on How industries can benefit using Live Chat Solutions, Digital Marketing, and effective customer engagement solutions.

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