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Gurudatt Medtia
Gurudatt Medtia is Vice President for all departments in India. Guru ensures that all Etech India leaders are equipped and accountable to grow Etech’s Servant Leadership culture and create cohesive collaboration between all India departments and department heads resulting in timely delivery of very diversified and complicated solutions across all departments.

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How Should Leaders Embrace Team Motivation?

By |2021-05-22T14:54:42-06:00April 6, 2021|

How can you consistently get team members who say, ‘I love my job, and I trust my leader!’? Well, team motivation is the key. There are several theories of motivation, and when we’re rightly motivated, there’s almost nothing we can’t do. We can motivate ourselves to build new technologies, make a remarkable change in society, and what not! It is one of the crucial responsibilities of any great leader to foster motivation and encourage employees.

How do You Build Long-Lasting Successful Teams?

By |2021-05-22T14:59:58-06:00November 25, 2020|

Great leadership is a crucial building block to develop great teams. Leaders, with a sensible approach toward leadership, have the ability to establish an exceptional standard of team spirit among their people. Team building is all about a keen understanding of your people. For example, what are their strengths , and how  can they be motivated to work with one another. You can overcome your biggest obstacles if you have a team that shares a common goal and works together to achieve it. When a team works together, they perform and excel. A team, that acknowledges clear, shared goals, knows what they need to do to move forward and can accomplish those goals, together.

Characteristics of a Good Project Manager That Translate Into a Great Customer Experience

By |2019-11-06T00:00:01-06:00November 6, 2019|

One of the goals of project management is to create a positive experience for your customers. According to a recent survey conducted ...

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