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Kaylene Eckels
Kaylene joined Etech in December 2006. During her tenure Kaylene has held several key positions including Director of Operations, AVP Global Operations, Vice President of Global Operations, and since February 2017, has served as Chief Operations Officer. As Chief Operations Officer, Kaylene is responsible for ensuring Etech understands, meets, and exceeds customer expectations through building Trusted Advisor relationships and investing in and developing her team.

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Accountability – A Critical Character Commitment For Achieving Winning Results

By |February 11, 2021|

Have you ever heard the saying hindsight is 20/20?  For most of us, when we look back on our lives we will often reflect on times where we wished we would have handled things differently or taken heed to advice from those around us. Living close to Houston, I am a bandwagon Houston Rockets fan. There is something special about going to a live game that taps into all your senses.  Vibrant colors, thundering music, the smell of popcorn, and of course the comradery of countless cheering fans rallying their team to victory.

How do you Create a People-Centric Culture at the Organizational Level?

By |January 5, 2021|

Through the high-tech revolution and capital shifts, you might think that machines are doing almost everything and human input is becoming less important to the organization. Simply put, in these times human connection is even more critical. With the growth of AI as a tool, the most complex work is now handled by your team. With shifting responsibilities, empowering your leadership, and appreciating individual team members at all levels of your organization's workforce is fundamental. Human resources are vital to your company’s success and treating your people accordingly will boost their morale and inspire them to be more committed to achieving the company's goals. This will not only set the workplace apart from competitors, but it will also generate success and maximum growth for your company. The best companies have realized this and are continually committed to developing a people-centric culture at the organizational level to make positive impacts and progress.

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