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Patrick Reynolds
Patrick joined Etech in 2000 and has held a variety of Leadership positions. In 2005 he helped lead the training of the first outbound and inbound team members in the Gandhinagar, India facility. Built on the success of this original team, Etech has been able to grow the outbound, inbound and web chat sales teams in India from 30 initial team members to its current team of approximately 600+ team members.

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Did The Pandemic Forever Change How Customers Shop Online? How to Maximize the Digital Opportunity?

By |2022-07-20T04:53:54-06:00July 20, 2022|

The COVID pandemic has forever changed the pattern of how customers shop. The majority of the population has augmented their interest in online shopping platforms.

Why are Millennials choosing Live Messaging over Traditional Communication Channels?

By |2021-05-22T14:55:04-06:00March 26, 2021|

Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are unique, in every sense. Being a part of the industrial revolution, this generation has witnessed the transformation from letters to emails, telephones to smartphones, computers to laptops, radios to smart TVs, and so on. As they have grown in a digital and socially networked world, millennials are quite accustomed to technology compared to the older generations. According to Forbes, they are the biggest spenders and cover the most significant consumer demographics in the world.

How to Make Your Live Chat Service Smarter with Artificial Intelligence?

By |2021-05-22T15:00:23-06:00November 18, 2020|

Live chat is a tool growing in popularity for consumer interactions. It is not an overly complicated system, involving a simple messenger window and sometimes a live chat customer service representative. However, more recently, companies have been turning to artificial intelligence in live chat for additional support to both team members and customers. While this updated approach may seem counterintuitive for improving consumer relations, there are several excellent reasons to incorporate AI into your companies chat sessions.

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