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How Etech helped one business Improve their Conversion Rate and Increase Revenue by $500,000 in 3 months.

Industry: Hospitality | Service: Quality Assurance

The Problem

In the highly competitive travel and lodging industry, Etech’s client was struggling to find that competitive edge to help them have a leg up on their competition. The company offers their customers the very best values at hotels and other types of lodging in major destinations worldwide. They lacked the knowledge needed to fix the business challenges they faced. Due to their rising cancellation rates and poor customer experience, the conversion rates were dwindling.

The Results

Within 3 months Etech increased the company’s conversion rate by 2% resulting $500,000 increase in incremental revenue. Etech ultimately increased the clients brand quality score by 8% within 5 months. The improvement in customer experience caused their cancellation rate to decrease by 3%.

Decrease Cancellation Rates

Customer Interaction Analysis

By collecting data from thousands of the company’s customer interactions, the highly experienced Etech Insight Team could analyze what factors were contributing to the poor customer experience and low conversion rates. Etech pulled data from their voice and chat interactions, web reviews, and phone surveys to ensure all of the client mediums were being monitored.


Etech found out of the 58,000 calls the client received per month, 25,000 of the customer’s reason for call was to cancel their reservation. Etech went a step further to understand why the customers were cancelling. The team discovered that 14,000 of the calls related to cancellation are simply due to a change in travel plans. Taking this to the client, they were able to immediately make a simple coaching change having the agents offer to rebook the customer’s vacation for a later date. Sure enough, this change instantly had an impact by reducing cancellations and improving net booking rate. With an average booking of $70, a revenue increase of around $50,000 could be realized with a 50% rebook rate.

Reason For Calling – Customer Service

Reason For Calling – Customer Service

Reason For Cancellation

Reason For Cancellation

Improve Brand Quality & Customer Experience

Capture Customer Sentiment Drivers

In order to improve the brands quality score and customer experience, Etech gauged the customer’s sentiment while manually monitoring calls and assessing online customer review. The results of Etech’s sentiment analysis showed 67% of the interactions were policy & procedures related issues. This was the main driving negative customer sentiment. By conducting a drill down analysis Etech Insights experienced team was able to clearly identify the key policies and procedures that needed to be addressed. Etech provided client with direct insights and recommendations on how to move the customer’s ‘Negatives’ to ‘Positives’.

Negatives to Positives

The most common negative sentiment driver was client’s policy over no refunds within 24 hours of the check in time and no refunds for same day booking. The customer’s complaint was over their lack of knowledge over this policy when they originally booked their stay. Etech Insights team was able to swiftly uncover this information and provide client with direct insights on how to improve this common negative sentiment driver. Suggestion was made to simply provide their agents with more effective talking points about the cancellation policy to ensure the customer is aware upfront and that they had proper expectations when booking their reservation.

Interactions Etech Insights Reviewed to Monitor Trends

Interactions Etech Insights Reviewed to Monitor Trends

Resolution Rate & Customer Effort

By tracking the call resolution and whether customers made multiple contacts about the same issue, Etech’s Etech Insights team discovered the reasons for unresolved and repeat calls were solely related to customer refunds. By recommending and initiating multichannel communication and refund trackers for their customers the company saw a rise in their brand QA score and a decrease in customer churn.

QA Score Improvement

QA Score Improvement

Increase Conversion Rates

Close Rate

Etech was able to help this client discover details in their daily calls like their low close rate. This detail proved to have a huge outcome when client revised the content of their training program to ensure all reps attempted to create urgency or clearly stating they would be happy to assist the customer. The vast improvements in the critical parameters of closing a sale caused an increased conversion rate.


By doing a thorough analysis of client’s customer interactions Etech was able to fully understand what factors were hurting their sales. More importantly Etech discovered why these factors were an issue, and subsequently delivered direct insights on how to resolve it. When these methods were implemented, conversion rates increased consistently over three months.

Close Rate

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