Career Growth

Etech is committed to the learning and development of its employees. The company believes investing in employees is like investing in the future of Etech. Committed to learning and development the leadership team has established programs that are designed to identify future leaders and equip them with the tools they will need to advance and succeed in their Etech career. The Leadership and Development team has corporate trainers responsible for building the curriculum and delivering training to ensure that Etech has trained leaders at all levels of the company.

I’ve advanced from a customer service rep to a vice president at Etech.
I’m so thankful for my mentors who helped me get here.

-Patrick Reynolds

Our Organizational Development program is divided into four categories:

Aspiring Leaders

Designed for agents who have been identified as potential candidates for future leadership.

Quarterly sessions lasting 8 weeks with 2 hour meetings once a week.

New Leader Assimilation

40 hours of training covering 5 full days.

Designed for those new to leadership.

Combines training on Etech processes along with coaching and leadership modules.

Ongoing Leadership Development

Centered around a 24 hour Coaching Tactics training session.

Monthly refreshers focused on key elements taught during the Coaching Tactics training.

On Demand Training

Specialized training to meet the needs of Etech teams.