Business Insight Analyst

Job Title : Business Insight Analyst
Department : Operations
Reports to : Lead
Location : Gandhinagar

Role Overview:

The role is to use customer’s segmentation to identify the clustering of the population and to determine the probability of the conversion and impact of the campaign. Involved in the process of data acquisition, data preprocessing and data exploration.

Job Description:

  • Pull and integrate data from disparate sources. Evaluate and preprocess raw information.
  • Design and build key company analytics dashboards and insights tools that power decisions across the company.
  • Consolidation and analysis of the data collected from program status information, comparing results with baseline and communicating status to the management for review.
  • Present and explain information in an accessible way (e.g., budgeting reports)
  • Suggest ways to both increase quality and reduce costs.
  • Data mining & help business decision making/ correcting needs.
  • Implement and analysis data to create daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.
  • Knowledge of data analysis and modeling of large scale, complex data sets and should be familiar with models using—linear regression, logistic regression.

Preferred Candidates:

  • Minimum one year of Experience.
  • Worked on different tools like SAS, SPSS, R and Excel for data & statistical analysis.
  • Excellent analytical and technical skills.
  • Knowledge of JS, HTML, XML & CSS.

Qualification Required:

  • Bachelors Degree
  • Flexible working in US shift
  • Excellent written/oral communication and presentation skills

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