Data Analyst

Job Title : Data Analyst
Department : Etech Technology Solutions (ETS)
Reports to : Lead Analyst
Location : Gandhinagar

Our team is growing – but we are not adding members just to fulfill requests. We are searching for individuals who are ready to be a part of the next big thing and are excited about growing with our company! Leadership is anxiously waiting to cultivate and develop your skills and prepare you for the career journey of a lifetime. 

Our focus is to create lasting impressions with each customer interaction. Reflect on the times you have been the customer and you left your experience feeling satisfied, appreciated, and valued. Simply put – these are the experiences you will use to deliver world-class results to our customer base. 

If you consider yourself to be a team player, goal-oriented, and possess a passion for helping others; apply to become a part of the Etech Global Services Team.  

 About Us:

Globally, we are over 3000 strong, and we are always searching for new team members which will offer fresh and innovative ideas and diverse approaches to everyday problem-solving. Etech is governed by 12-character commitments: Integrity, Valuing People, Teamwork, Accountability, Communication, Vision, Adaptability, Humility, Creativity, Teachability, Positive Influence, and Courage. Together, these 12 commitments guide our workplace culture and set the tone for how we treat each other. 

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What We Offer:

  • Transportation allowance
  • Canteen Subsidy
  • Night Shift allowance as per the process
  • Schedule Attendance Bonus
  • Health Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Incentive components campaign wise
  • Work-Life Balance Initiatives
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Internal movement through IJP

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Receive and process lead information
  • Verify lead information falls within all compliance parameters and categorize and account for those records that are considered un-callable due to federal and state legislation as well as local and client.
  • Process all callable leads and make them readily available for dialing.
  • Provide load reports detailing information such as callable loads, geographic locale, etc.
  • Ensure the continued performance of leads through analysis and monitoring.
  • Summarize, Reconcile, and Return lead information once completed through final disposition status, expiration, un-callable status, etc.
  • Provide recording as well as missing information from the database.
  • Implement all ETL procedures for all new projects and maintain effective awareness of all production activities according to required standards and provide support to all existing applications.
  • Documents all technical and system specifications documents for all ETL processes and perform unit tests on all processes and prepare required programs and scripts.
  • Perform tests and validate all data flows and prepare all ETL processes according to business requirements and incorporate all business requirements into all design specifications.
  • Develop and perform tests on all ETL codes for system data and analyze all data and design all data mapping techniques for all data models in systems.
  • Provide support to all ETL schedule and maintain compliance to same and develop and maintain various standards to perform ETL codes and maintain an effective project life cycle on all ETL processes.

We Expect You To Have:

  • A good understanding of Database systems, Database Architecture, and SQL.
  • Vendor certification (e.g., Microsoft Certified Database Administrator).
  • Microsoft SQL server 2000/2005/2008
  • ETL Tools like SSIS, Talend.
  • Should be well versed with Different file Formats for parsing files like Flat File, JSON, XML and etc.
  • Data Warehouse / BI concepts and CTI knowledge would be an added advantage.
  • Computing studies such as Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Engineering (Computing) or Computer Science with a minimum of 2 years’ experience.

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