Etech provides a wide range of career opportunities globally. If you are an energetic individual who can build trust with clients, deliver operational excellence, coach and inspire others and lead global support teams, Etech is the right place for you to work.

How does it feel to work at Etech?

“I’ve advanced from a Customer Service Rep to a Vice President at Etech.
I’m so thankful for my mentors who helped me get here.”

Patrick Reynolds, VP Partner Strategy

“My journey at Etech started in August 2017, as a Customer Service Representative. Within the few Years I have been promoted to a leadership position as a Support Specialist for a critical campaign Which has helped me to develop professionally.”

Jailynn Johnson, Senior Training Leader

“My journey at Etech began in 2016. I’ve learned the importance of self-development and team development.”

Jessie Richardson , Senior Training Leader

“My journey at Etech began May of 2017. Since being at Etech, I’ve learned how to set meaningful Goals and how to be specific in how I communicate.”

Nathan Ketchen, Training Leader

“My journey at Etech began September 2005. I’ve learned patience, adaptability, persistence, how to rely on my co-workers, and valuing what everyone brings to the table.”

Mark Strange, Trainer

“I’ve learned to be an effective leader, who’s able to coach and develop agents to meet the required Goals. Alongside this, I love that recognition is given for every accomplishment.”

Jody Watson, Operation Intern

“My journey at Etech began in April 2019. I’ve developed strong communication skills and  learned design tools to create exciting training materials for our new team members.”

Khushboo Patel, Instructional Designer

Our Employee Speaks

The leadership team at Etech strive to coach and develop each team member to be successful in whatever role they fill. Teams work hard at creating a positive and encouraging environment which allows to say, “Etech is a great place to work!”

Employee Success Stories

Gurudatt Medtia

I started my journey as an Assistant Team Leader, and now I am AVP IT and Program Excellence. My journey of 16 years at Etech every day made me a better version of myself, and I learned how to grow by going through this incredible journey.

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David Carrizales

David joined Etech in March, 2014 as Director of Operations, Nacogdoches Center and now serving as SVP of Operational Excellence. Etech has a culture where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude every day.

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Amit Kachhawa

I started as a Chat Agent and made my way to AVP Corporate Strategy. It has been a remarkable experience of 16 years. We are growing and, as it says, are in the midst of the next big thing here in India at Gandhinagar and Vadodara, and here is a chance for you to be a part of that.

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Keyur Dave

Keyur joined Etech in 2006 as a Tele Sales Representative for one of our premium sales campaigns. Keyur’s consistent efforts in learning new skills each day and the growth opportunities that Etech offers to its employees complemented his growth at Etech.

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Brandon Chambers

At Etech, vision is not just a picture of what could be; it’s an appeal to our better selves, a call to deliver and become something more. We are glad to have visionary leaders like Brandon Chambers who have the capacity to translate vision into reality.

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Carolyn Wingate

Etech family’s ability to deliver Innovative Solutions lies in the passion that our members share to deliver our 12 core character commitments of integrity, valuing people, teamwork, accountability, communication, vision, adaptability, humility, creativity, teachability, positive influence and courage.

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