Facility Executive

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We Expect You To Have

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering  
  • 3-5 years of experience in similar role 
  • Experience in operations and maintenance of commercial buildings, Malls, or residential premises 
  • Capability to build excellent interpersonal relations, and excellence in communication. 
  • Dependable and Ability to work under pressure.  
  • Customer service orientation 
  • Professionalism and problem solving 
  • Multitasking skills who can meet and or exceed quality expectations. 

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Manage the facilities such as buildings including renovations, refurbishments, & office moves and as such, the role can extend to mail distribution, bookkeeping as well as office upkeep. 
  • Ensure the upkeep and maintenance so as to meet the safety, health and legal requirements. This includes cleaning, catering, waste disposal, parking and security along with records keeping and budget management as per company policy and procedures. 
  • Conducts and documents regular facilities inspections and recommends maintenance, mechanical, electrical, and facility design modifications. 
  • Implement the PPM – Planned Preventive Maintenance approach instead of reactive maintenance – work undertaken when a fault is found, or an issue arises. PPM is preventive and regular maintenance that reduces reactive efforts. 
  • Do maintenance planning that is beyond correcting issues and involves planned and scheduling work and further maintenance. 
  • Support in providing new solutions and efficient ways of reducing and managing waste, continuously monitor the facility to ensure that all requirements are met as per quality.  
  • Monitor CCTV and parking system operations and maintenance to ensure security and emergency preparedness procedures proper implementation. 
  • Supervise the shift electrician, pump operators and other technicians and oversee the quality of the work performance in correct, efficient and effective way. 
  • Delegate the tasks to technicians and operators.  
  • Inventory management by monitoring and inventory tracking of supplies and parts 
  • Handle work orders as per need to complete multiple work orders related to Customer Complaints, across all the IT and non-IT buildings and clients. 
  • Maintains records of all the work completed during the shift in logbook and keeps the documentation up to date 
Job Title : Facility Executive
Department : Facility Operations and Maintenance
Location : Gandhinagar

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