Recruitment Leader

Job Title : Recruitment Leader
Department : Recruiting
Reports to : Director – Operations 
Location : Gandhinagar


We are seeking a highly engaged, organized, and personable recruiting leader to join our recruitment team. In this role, you will design, create, and direct our hiring initiatives as we seek new talent for our organization. You will also be responsible for improving efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process, managing applications, and serving as a valuable brand ambassador. 

Essential Duties And Responsibilities:

  • Plans activities / Strategy according to the requirement for hiring 
  • Forecast and manage the budget for the recruitment department. 
  • Strategically controls cost per hire
  • Meets Hiring Time: Demand fulfillment time
  • Maintains Quality of Hire
  • Pass through rates / Pipeline ratios
  • Directs internal job posting program and external activities to achieve monthly goals (includes advertising, consulting firm, etc.)
  • Maintains data on recruitment activities, applicant flow, interviews, hires, transfer, etc.
  • Prepares and analyzes statistical reports and other data to monitor required KPI’s
  • Achieves required KPI’s and plans process improvement activities
  • Keep all stakeholders posted proactively on any changes, new decisions taken or situations that can affect the outcome
  • Provide feedback to all stakeholders on activities that have worked well or can be improved
  • Train, supervise and evaluate staff performance
  • Evaluation of Recruitment Process at regular intervals to ensure learning objectives and recruitment standards are achieved
  • Develop and maintain the relationship with peers across departments

We expect you to: Be Flexible in working hours which is a must.

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