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Join Etech at Customer Contact Week (CCW) to gain access to the in-depth, actionable insights your organization needs to stay ahead in the CX game,
June 19-22, 2023 in Las Vegas!

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June 20
Etech's Workshop

June 21-2
Expo Hall - Networking
Etech - Booth: #519

June 20, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PDT


In the current competitive Call Center industry space, every interaction matters. Etech is a pioneer in agent advocacy through our measurement of Agent Experience as a component of Customer Experience. We understand that anything that creates friction for the agent is felt by the customer, which is why Etech’s approach to performance management focuses not only on reactive remediation and behavior mitigation but also proactive coaching during training for long term issues. We do this by using data driven diagnostics to understand where we struggle over time. 

In this webinar, we will explore the impact of purposeful data on employee retention. With high attrition rates becoming a major concern for organizations across industries, it is crucial to understand how data can play a significant role in reducing turnover. 

Our expert speakers will dive deep into the ways purposeful data can close the revolving door of attrition. They will provide insights into key metrics that can be used to develop effective retention strategies.

Join us to learn how your organization can leverage the power of data to create a more engaged and loyal workforce.

Key Takeaways:
– Understanding the impact of attrition on organizations and the need for effective retention strategies.
– Exploring five ways that purposeful data can be used to reduce turnover and improve employee engagement.
– Gaining insights into key metrics that can be used to track employee satisfaction, motivation, and productivity.
– Learning how to use data-driven insights to identify the root causes of attrition and develop targeted retention programs.
– Developing a roadmap for implementing purposeful data strategies in your organization to create a more loyal and engaged workforce.


Jim iyoob

Chief Customer Officer, Etech Global Services

Jim Iyoob is the Chief Customer Officer for Etech Global Services and has recently been awarded by Customer Contact Central with MVP awards. Jim has been featured in numerous publications including CIO Review, Contact Center Pipeline, and Connections Magazine. He has also been listed as one of the ‘Top 20 Influential People to Follow’ on Twitter by “Iwantitnow” and one of the “Top 25 Thoughts Leaders for 2023” by ICMI.

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Shawndra Tobias

VP, Customer Experience Etech Global Services

Shawndra has over 25 years contact center experience, of which a third has been spent in reporting and analytics. She received her professional certification in Data Science from The Johns Hopkins University, is a 3 Star IBM Recognized Data Expert, and is a certified business analyst. Shawndra has many achievements under her belt and was recently listed in the ICMI Top 25 CX Thought Leader and on the 'Women We Admire' Top 50 Women Leaders of Austin.

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Chris Basile

Executive Consultant

Chris oversees revenue growth, successful onboarding, ongoing adoption, and the overall success and support of the customers. Chris brings over 20 years of experience with specialization in employee engagement, workforce optimization and leadership development. He holds a BA in Business Management from California Coast University.

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Lydia Clayton

Assistant Vice President – Cox Automotive

Lydia Clayton is a passionate advocate for problem-solving, innovation, and effective leadership and was recognized as the 2016 Woman Worth Watching for Cox Automotive, a distinguished award by Diversity Journal. She has extensive experience in technology, operations, marketing, sales, strategic planning, logistics, and has led teams in various sectors. As the leader of Cox Automotive's Contact Center and Center of Excellence, she focuses on improving client and employee experience through process optimization, platform modernization, and digital enablement. Lydia's background includes leadership roles in the Department of Defense, the private sector, and many enterprise ventures where she led as a change and transformation leader.

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Etech Booth: #519


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