Quality Monitoring in a Contact Center

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What is “contact center quality monitoring”? Just stop and focus on the two parts of this phrase “contact center” and “quality monitoring” and it starts to make sense. If your business relies on a contact center, you need to make sure the quality of service provided is up to your standards. Your reputation and your business are literally on the line here and monitoring the effectiveness of customer contacts is a must.

Here is the Table of Contents for your quick reference:

  1. What is Quality Monitoring in a Contact Center?
  2. The Need for a Quality Monitoring System
  3. Defining Quality for Contact Centers
  4. Monitoring Criteria & Guidelines
  5. The How and Why of Calibration
  6. Creating a Quality Monitoring Leadership Team
  7. Developing a Customer-Driven Monitoring System
  8. Generating WOW Customer Experiences with Quality Monitoring
  9. Linking Quality Monitoring & Training for Maximum Results
  10. Realizing ROI from a Quality Monitoring System
  11. 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Quality Monitoring System
  12. Putting It All Together
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