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Etech Insights (EI) transforms voice of the customer feedback into actionable results granting  businesses  a personalized view on how to give their customer base the experience they desire.

In today’s evolving contact center industry, the ability to effectively analyze and act upon the customer experience is critical. Etech has seen first-hand the drastic impact customer experience can have on a company’s overall performance and reputation, both positive and negative. In order to help companies stay ahead of the game, Etech has been investing in next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) allowing us to create an industry recognized solution that takes the worry out of the equation for our customers and their ability to deliver a remarkable, consistent customer experience.

Data alone is not Enough: Combine + Visualize

Etech Insights is a strategic blend of people, process and technology that delivers a quality experience that supports all facets of the business. Etech partners human intelligence with the knowledge and power of Artificial Intelligence to identify performance enhancing behaviors and voice-of-customer insights that are not easily discernible through traditional quality management processes.

Seeing things in the customer data with advanced analytics: Evaluate + Predict

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are integrated into our call center Quality Monitoring solutions allowing our teams to analyze 100% of your customer interaction data. Our Data Scientists refine large data sets into actionable insights along with customer experience analytics that are used to drive successful behaviors. 

Turning insights into new ways of doing business: Recommend

Etech’s A.I engine, can analyze large volumes of customer interactions with ease. Once the insights are delivered, Etech utilizes human intelligence to create strategies and next best action recommendations that will transform your business results.

With so many channels of communication available, it is critical to have software that helps you connect to the true voice of your customer. We make it possible to listen to 100% of interaction data and uncover insights that repair and improve your processes and customer experience. By combining Etech’s people and processes with technology, customers are able to  leverage insights to achieve operational excellence and agility.

Why Etech Insights?

Survey Analysis

Surveys are an age-old method to capture customer experience analytics, but how do you convert this feedback into actionable insights that impact CX? Etech Insights shows you helpful market trends, business opportunities, voice-of-customer, competitor Analysis, and relates survey feedback with process and performance metrics.

Predictive Behavior Mapping

Etech Insights maps strengths and weaknesses within agent interactions to identify behaviors that can be replicated or improved across your organization to yield higher results in sales performance, customer satisfaction, and first contact resolution. 

Tenure Segment Analysis

Companies make significant investments in training and retention of frontline employees. Tenure Segmenting shows you comparison between tenured agents vs. new agents, determine the needs of training remediation, and identifies training gaps and skill vs. will issues.

Heat Map

It is critical for leaders to efficiently track team performance and quickly diagnose and address performance issues.  Etech creates heat maps that make it easy to identify agents who need further coaching or immediate reward.

What’s in it for you?

Etech’s multi-level approach uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to deliver customer experience analytics that:

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