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Etech Global Services Improves Inbound Call Program For Major Wireless Network Provider

Industry: Telecom | Service: Inbound Customer Service

The Challenges of Inbound Customer Service

Customer service skills can be difficult to master; transferring those skills to dealing with customers over the phone may seem daunting. When customers call, agents are expected to quickly and efficiently solve the customer’s problem. Strict adherence to call compliancy rules is required to prevent liability, and certain metrics-service level, abandoned calls, talk time, idle time, quality indicators, resolution percentages, etc.-are used to measure the quality of inbound call programs. A good inbound call program is essential to retain customers and enhance or protect the company reputation. For these reasons, it is imperative to provide the proper tools, training and follow up coaching to enable agents to succeed in supporting the company’s customer service objectives.

This leading telecommunications company was facing difficulties with a few aspects of their inbound call program. They wanted to solve customer issues as quickly as possible without having to transfer customers to other departments. Above all, the provider wanted their agents to provide an excellent customer experience quickly and efficiently. This major company specifically wanted to improve three call metrics-service level to 80%, average handle time to 8.3 minutes, and call work to 5%. After an outside agency failed to bring call metrics up to the business’s objective values, they decided to partner with Etech Global Services in this department after Etech’s success in other areas.

Leading Telecommunications Company

A major player in the mobile phone and communications industry, this Fortune 500 Company offers data and voice services to nearly 100 million customers around the globe.

The Etech Global Services Solution

Surpassed the service level goal of 80%

Surpassed the service level goal of 80%

Reduced AHT by 16%

Reduced AHT by 16%

Overall Call Abandon rate reduced to 1.5%

Overall Call Abandon rate reduced to 1.5%

Etech’s created a plan that focused on the organization’s largest concerns, First Call Resolution and Service levels. In order to improve First Call Resolution, Etech knew they needed to understand the root cause of the issue so it could be addressed with the team. Once they identified the root causes, Etech implemented a strong training program to help improve the work quality of the team. They then provided post training analysis to ensure the new training was effective and to tighten up any areas further. In order to improve Service Levels, Etech started by understanding call volume by day of the week for every 30 minute interval of the day! This allowed them to identify scheduling opportunities. Using their workforce management software, they also studied historical trends and shrinkage in order to schedule the agents properly.

With an extensive knowledge of inbound call programs, Etech was able to create a plan that met and surpassed the telecommunication giant’s expectations without exceeding their budget. Because Etech provides one manager to every fifteen of their agents, there is more time for one-on-one coaching, which greatly improves agent performance. Agent performance at Etech’s inbound call program is so timely and efficient that they are able to take more calls with fewer agents. Call work time was very easily improved due to the fact that Etech agents spend less time between calls, and more time assisting customers.

The Results

When the partnership began, the telecommunications company wanted to increase service level to 80%, decrease average handle time to 8.3 minutes, while reducing call work and abandon rates to 5%. At the end of the study period, Etech had immensely enhanced the efficiency of this leading company’s inbound call program. Without going over the company’s allotted budget, Etech achieved a service level of 94.07%, an average handle time of 6.62 minutes, a call work rate of 2.54% and abandoned call rate of 1.52% while managing nearly 100,000 calls per month. As a result of Etech’s impressive improvements, the prominent telecommunications provider and mobile phone retailer has awarded Etech with additional business through expanded hours of operation.


Etech surpassed the client’s service level goal of 80% and within eight months was achieving a service level of 94.07%.


Etech Global Services reduced average handle time to below 7 minutes, well below their goal of 8.3 minutes.


Call Work was reduced to only 2.54%, well below their goal of 5%.


Abandon Rate was reduced to 1.52%, a huge improvement over their goal of 5%.