ICE Email Management

ICE Email management software is an intelligent and comprehensive professional software solution that addresses complex day to day customer service responses needs via Email. ICE Email has all the features that are needed to manage and configure your large volume of incoming Email. The software has a rule based system that automatically distributes Emails, has a built in intelligence response system and has extensive reports to support contact center operations. ICE email management software has a proven system that can be scaled anytime to handle multiple responses and concurrent users.

ICE email management software has been seamlessly integrated over the chat platform and also runs independently. For the centers experiencing large volumes of Chats and Email, this solution has been designed for utmost ease and flexibility that allows you to switch between Chats and Email with just one click.

ICE email management software allows you to assign Emails based on the skill levels and subject like Customer Support, Sales, Billing, Technical Assistance, Enquiries, General Queries and more.


QEval is fully customizable according to your needs. It provides a suite of real-time reports and Instant email notifications for critical errors so that managers can easily spot and discover problems within their teams. It is a one-stop solution to ensure that all customers are treated with equal importance and the quality of your call center is top-notch.

  • Agent Console
  • Supervisor Console
  • Admin Console
  • Marketing & Strategic Support

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