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Integrated Customer Engagement (ICE) offers a perfect software solution for businesses to overcome the challenges of today’s competitive environment. ICE has Chat, Email, Custom application and Quality Assurance, all integrated, and allows you an easy switch over for different functionalities. ICE has been uniquely designed to offer different solutions built upon a common platform while still being independently operational. ICE ensures greater Customer Engagement and helps for an effortless flow of information that is secured and available at your finger tips.

All of these products are seamlessly integrated and comes with extra ordinary reporting capabilities that is very important for any strategic decision making process. You can dive deep into the data and pull out business intelligence information that enables you to compete in the market place.

Introducing the best customer experience ways to engage your customers


  • Dynamic Reporting Excellence.
  • Simplified Calls, Chats and Email Evaluation.
  • Business intelligence for strategic decisions.
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  • Customer engagement simplified.
  • Unique integration for today’s challenges.
  • Deep dive analytics for strategic decisions.
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  • No more crammed Inbox.
  • Insights to your client communication.
  • Define your own SLA’s & measure key metrics.
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Our customer service and engagement products are powerful and flexible, and scale to meet the needs of any business.