Promoting Confidence

October 22, 2013 Jim Iyoob

The new Health Care Marketplace has been implemented, and in turn has caused some insurance agents to run scared! Overcome by overwhelming feelings attached to the new and constantly changing information and fear of not fully understanding how to handle each individual question asked by policy holders. Instead of approaching these new changes with hesitation or grief, Etech insurance agents are facing each change head on with full confidence – ready to learn and provide accurate information to our valued customers.

What causes Etech agents to have such confidence in their work and face the health care reform with such ease? The tireless efforts of their team leaders who are constantly learning and informing their agents of each change positively and correctly. This allows them to engage in, and build upon, the skills they have learned in training, previous policy knowledge, as well as call center experience. Agents feel comfortable on the floor with their team and enjoy the lively and engaging atmosphere that Etech emits.

The Health Care Marketplace has caused Etech insurance agents to face the changes with self-assurance in their ability to answer policy holders’ questions with the utmost accurate information. Being an Etech team member molds each individual insurance agent to welcome adversity and become knowledgeable of changes instead approaching opportunities with fearful hesitation.