Software Implementation

Software Implementation Etech Technology Solutions

Software Implementation

Etech understands the importance of automated systems for simplifying the day to day operations. With this vision in mind, the leadership team at Etech began laying the foundation of its Software Development enterprise in the early days of the company. Since that time the mission of the team has been to ensure that Etech is at the forefront of new product research and development and remains focused on continuous improvement.

Customer Retention is the secret behind the success and growth of companies in the market today. Retaining customers by providing superior customer experience is the key. This makes it very important for businesses to gain insights to what their customers think about their brand. Etech is a leading service provider for top customer experience management companies globally.

Etech’s implementation processes span custom/tailored applications development and software product development services. The company has been developing and implementing applications for its clients based on the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years. Within product development services, Etech follows the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to develop web-based applications and fully hosted solutions. Etech has the best talent in the market, and its expertise is highly valued by its clients.

Etech is committed to a standard & refined process for software implementation that provides a flexible & scalable framework for delivering projects on time, within budget, with a high level of quality, and meeting the customer’s current & future challenges. The software implementation process at Etech includes: analyzing the requirement, creating the design & development, quality assurance testing, deployment, software upgrades, and enhancements. This methodology is applied to each software development project to ensure the quality and reliability of solutions that Etech develops for its clients.

Software Implementation Process

Software Implementation Project Planning

Defining team roles and responsibilities, preparing the overall project guidelines.

Software Implementation Discovery

Requirement gathering, requirement assessment and analysis, defining scope, establishing milestone & deliverables, risk analysis.

Software Implementation Development

Select technology, interface design, software architecture, database design, prototype. Establishing milestone & deliverables, risk analysis.

Software ImplementationTesting

Testing and debugging, pilot testing.

Software ImplementationDeployment

Installation and configuration, system integration, testing, training, transition and going live.

Software ImplementationSupport & Optimization

Post deployment reviews, maintenance and enhancements, ongoing support .

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