Live Chat Helps To Efficiently Cater To Customer Needs

October 27, 2017 Patrick Reynolds

Maintaining a strong online presence is key for virtually any kind of business as it helps in efficiently targeting and converting online consumers. A couple of years ago it used to be looked at as fancy or high-tech to have a chat on a website, whereas today, its almost looked down upon if one does not have a chat feature on the page. Online chat helps to solve the queries of the customers quickly, accurately, and efficiently thereby increasing the customer satisfaction and online conversion rates. Some of the advantages offered by online chat include:

Prompt customer service

Many times when using traditional customer support service like phone or email, customers have to wait for long periods of time to speak or hear back from a customer service representative. We all know how frustrating and time consuming this is. Sometimes it can be so long that by the time a live person even gets on the phone or you finally get a response back, I’ve forgotten what my initial problem was!  Online chat offers prompt and efficient service to the customers. Customers get their answers in real-time as the interaction with the chat agent is entirely live.

Reduction in costs

Online chat is one of the most cost-effective options for businesses to provide customer service. Unlike other mediums of providing customer support such as phone or voice, where agents can handle only one customer at a time, online chat offers immense flexibility to where the chat agent can efficiently handle 2 or more customers at a single time. This directly affects the companies operational cost and cost per interaction by getting more out of each and every chat agent.

High Customer Satisfaction

Online chat helps to provide prompt customer service which in turn significantly increases customer satisfaction. Happy customers create a strong base of loyal customers who return again and again to purchase from the website.  Providing online chat during some crucial stages like checkout phase greatly improves customer satisfaction and helps in shortening the sales cycle.

Online chat helps to increase the profitability of the businesses by boosting the online sales figures. It leaves a positive impression in the minds of the customer by providing personalized and superior customer experience.