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Title Location Job Function
Compliance Manager (US) Lufkin
Compliance Manager (US) Dallas
Compliance Manager (US) Nacogdoches
Data Security Analyst (Ind) Vadodara
Data Security Analyst (Ind) Gandhinagar
IT Manager (Ind) Vadodara
IT Manager (Ind) Gandhinagar
Assistant Director IT (Ind) Vadodara
Assistant Director IT (Ind) Gandhinagar
Ruby on Rails Developer Gandhinagar ETS
Assistant Project Manager Vadodara Program Implementation
ASP.NET MVC Full Stack Developer Gandhinagar ETS (Etech Technology Solutions)
HR Executive Vadodara Human Resources
Leader of Recruiting (Luf) Lufkin Recruiting
Leader of Recruiting (Nac) Nacogdoches Recruiting
Helpdesk Representative Lufkin
SEO Executive Gandhinagar ETS
ERLANG Developer (Ind) Vadodara ETS
ERLANG Developer (Ind) Gandhinagar ETS
Real Time Analyst (Ind) Gandhinagar ETS